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It’s been a busy few months for me. I’ve done little gaming, turned 50, and I’ve been busy developing a cloud service for a client, which is why you haven’t seen too much of me.

Celebrating my 50th was interesting. It felt a little like a mid-life crisis on the lead up to the big day. I can be introspective, being an introvert and all, and got a bit thoughtful. When you think about it computers have been following Moores Law all my life (the prediction was made in ’65.) I was four years old when the Eagle landed. There have been a few wars, the Berlin Wall fell, the cold war ended and then restarted, Star Wars and Trek, computer games evolved from Pong to arcade machines, to home consoles, to what we have today.

Speaking of games.I still managed to poke my nose into a few games over that time when I got a moment, mostly single player, but I also indulged in a little MMO goodness here and there too. I want to give a couple of quick thoughts about two of them.

First, I hopped into Trove.

TROVE_POSE_PetAllies_FuzzyFezzie_01Trove is a kinda Minecrafty game, without the mining. Sure you can mine around a bit, but it seems very limited. There are a lot of coloured block types to mine, which you can use to build, and a lot of drops, but there’s no real delving like Minecraft, which aside from building huge castles was kind of the appeal of MC for me. I loved digging down as far as I could go and hunting for diamonds and other precious. As for building, you’re limited to building on a fairly small plot which travels with you. When you travel and claim a new plot, your building magically appears. When you log back in (after logging out) you’re back at the starting area and have to head out and claim another plot. Very limited persistence.

Now I get why they do this. How do you stop all the available areas from being built on (and being unclaimable) if everything persisted fully? What’s worse, how do you prevent griefing where someone comes along and tears down your structure when your back is turned? It’s a hard problem which I don’t think Trove has solved here. I found myself getting easily bored, especially when my ‘mine’ kept getting back-filled.

The other new game I tried was Skyforge.

mechanoid invasions

Skynet has nothing on this!

Every time I think of the name I get the Skyfall theme song earwig going…

First thought. It’s very pretty.

It’s also very JRPG like. Perhaps not as strong as some games, but you can really feel that influence in it.

The problem is I really don’t care for that style of game. I’m not a huge fan of that art style in games and I don’t really like when a game takes control go into a cut scene the way that JRPGs do. It’s not that I hate cutscenes, necessarily…

So I played the first mission. That went all right. There were other players around, and it had the feel of a MMO. I did okay there. The second mission though, well. I was dumped alone in a factory instance where the robots has risen, and got my arse handed to me again and again. After dieing a half dozen times at the end before getting into control room, I decided to see if I could just run past. I did, but when I got there it was obvious that there was no way to beat this challenge. So I logged out. Probably won’t go back.

So a bore-quit for Trove and a rage-quit for Skyforge. Nought for two so far.

I have spent a little time back in Fallen Earth. Just on a whim about a month ago, I downloaded the game and logged back in. My characters were all still there, and I discovered I was still in the Casualties of War guild, and somehow I’m the guild leader! Promotion by the two greatest words in the English language: de fault.

Listening to the talk of the nostalgia servers for Everquest and Everquest 2 have got me thinking I might poke my nose back in EQ2. I did update EQ2 earlier, but it acted very strangely. In full screen the graphics were garbled, and even in windowed mode there were graphical artefacts appearing all over the screen, even after I shut the game client down. I had to reboot to clear it all up. It’s probably my graphics drivers. They’re reasonably up to date, but I’ll make sure to install the latest and try again.

The other game I’m eager to get into it Project: Gorgon. I’m stuck here too somewhat. My computer is old. 32 bit old in fact. And while I was able to play an earlier build of Gorgon, for development reasons it’s now 64 bit only. That has affected some other gaming. I was stung a few months ago when I bought Cities Skylines on Steam only to find it wouldn’t play. I know, I know, I need to upgrade. That’s not in the budget unfortunately, yet. As soon as I can afford it, a new PC is on the cards, hopefully when this cloud project is done… It’s feeling more and more urgent.

And over at Stylish Corpse, Ysharros has a post up about Blaugust. Blaugust for those of you who don’t know is one of those things that crazy people do to themselves periodically, putting themselves in the highly stressful situation of making a commitment to post every single day. Since I’m moving into the finish off development phase it’s doubtful I’ll have enough time to post every day, let alone play every day. So for me at this stage, it’s wait an see for Blaugust. Who knows, if I can’t do Blaugust maybe I can do Bloctober.

It won’t be long before this blog turns 9 years old. Despite the slow post rate lately, I reckon that’s pretty good for a blog that I originally only committed to do for 90 days.

So that’s it for my mighty ramblings, for now. Cheers.

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  1. Ysharros

    ” It won’t be long before this blog turns 9 years old. Despite the slow post rate lately, I reckon that’s pretty good for a blog that I originally only committed to do for 90 days.” — Weird, right? Mine’s only 7 years old – but still, SEVEN YEARS OF BLOGGING? (sporadically) ?!?! WTF?

    Thanks for that Trove review, it confirms my decision to not even try it.

    Also, what’s with the big pharma adverts where the title should be on this new look? Some scathing social commentary I’m too thick (and un-awake) to grasp? 😀

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    I know, makes me feel old…

    The thing about Trove is it’s free, so trying it will only cost you some time and bandwidth.

    Big pharma adverts? I’m not sure what you mean. I’m seeing anything like that on my end.

    1. Ysharros

      Taking it to PMs 😀

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