What I’ve Been Doing

It’s been a while, so I thought I might let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

Aside from working, busy there, I’ve been getting a little gaming time in over the last few months.


I have pretty much cooled off on this one. Still occasionally get the urge to play but it doesn’t last long once I’ve logged in.


I’ve been playing more Terraria than anything else. Mostly just digging and exploring and getting nuked by the imps once I’ve reached the Hell layer. I probably need to set a few goals to gear up before those layers.


I’ve done a little bit of Neverwinter. I have run into a snag with one of my characters by having completed all the quests up to level 15/16 by level 14 and now can’t effectively beat the L16 bosses in a quest. And I’m not sure how to level without just grinding.

It doesn’t really capture me either. It just feels too linear.

World of Warcraft

I resubbed to WoW the other day, just out of boredom, and from reading Wilhelm Arcturus’ account of his return to Warcraft. I started the patching process and got to playing but ran into driver problems. After updating the video drivers I found WoW started crashing my ADSL, probably due to the updating process. It crashed when updating when not playing, and also while playing.

I’ve had this happen once or twice before with other games updating or downloading, but with WoW it seems a lot more persistent.

I’m thinking seriously of a new computer, mine is six years old and no longer effectively plays newer games. (Bioshock Infinite crawls like a snail.) I’ll probably update the modem at the same time.

Steam Games

I’ve spent a little on Steam sales over the last few months too. Bought a few early access games: Godus, some of the Zombie survival ones, and some others. The good ones seemed to also require a better PC, some didn’t catch my attention, and others were perhaps too early access for me. Those look like they’ll be good but not yet.

Wizardry Online

I started Wizardry Online when it first came out. Didn’t really care much for it back then, but I was curious to see if it had improved.


The worst thing was the slow typing quest text. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been little of it, but it went on, and on, and on. So much so that the devs had a in-game joke with one character repeatedly interrupting for more text. Ugh.

It’s also very very empty.


Other than that, I’ve been doing a little reading. Slowly getting through A Dance With Dragons. About a third to go. It was hard getting into this one, but I’m hooked now and progressing faster. I like that some of the earlier characters are getting some time again. I was feeling like I missed Arry. Tyrion just keeps getting in deeper and deeper. But no expectations. Red Wedding anyone?

It’s been a tough year business wise. Really hard getting new clients. It feels at times nothing is working, but now it appears some of my efforts are paying off. I spent $4K on a marketing program for tech businesses which has been brilliant and I feel like things are happening because of it. Still just got to keep at it. And looking forward to the Christmas break. I’ll still be available for work but I might leave the alarm off in the morning.

As I mentioned, I’m strongly considering a new PC. I just have to decide if the budget will cope with it, and how much to spend. The place I’ll be buying from has a number of models, but I’m deciding between a hex core with 16GB RAM and a hex core with 32GB. Frankly the 32 is very tempting, but budget might dictate the 16Meg instead. And of course, if I want 32 later it’s just an upgrade (maybe just a couple of extra sticks.)

Anyway, enjoy your holiday break and always remember: Winter is coming.


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  1. Ysharros

    Nice to have you back!

    And greetings from Winterfell, New Mexico, where Winter Has Come and it’s 8F/-13C and dropping, not counting the windchill. Ugh.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Thanks! I’ll try and post a little more often. Gotta keep up with the writing!

    Sounds like you might have to watch out for the White Walkers. You don’t have a dire wolf around to protect you at all?

    We’ve seen some of the reports here, and while it’s supposed to be summer the temps in Adelaide have been quite cool too.

    And how have you been? Doing much gaming?

  3. Ysharros

    Course I have a dire wolf, just check my FB pic 😉

    Gaming, not so much – buying a house and moving and being self-employed, you know how it goes. Until the last few days that is: I got FFXIV as an early Christmas present and I’ve played the crap out of it all weekend. It’s fun. How long it’ll hold me… eh.

    As for writing, I certainly can’t throw stones from my mouldering glass blog!

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