Update on Fallout 3 Australian Ban

Here’s a quick update on the ban on Fallout 3 by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC.)

It turns out that the reason for Fallout 3 being refused classification is that it contains drug use.

For those who remember the earlier Fallout games, that incidentally were allowed classification, part of the game mechanic entails the player injecting certain types of drugs to provide certain attribute boosts, or healing effects. For example if you’re wandering around a radioactive area, you can take a radiation medication.

Fallout 3 carries this metaphor a bit further. Your character can be injured on various body parts and can suffer pain effects. These must do something to movement, as debilitating injuries do, so to alleviate the pain, the player can inject morphine.

And that’s what the bastions of public parenting, those protectors of gamers from themselves, the OFLC, find objectionable.


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