The Rubberneck Factor

One of the most critical aspects of any story, is that there be conflict. No book about a guy who has a normal, uneventful life would become a bestseller.

For some reason us humans seem to like conflict. We find it entertaining and it draws us in. We love drama and hurt feelings. Just look at how many drivers slow down to gawk at an accident scene.

So it’s no surprise that Tobold in regards to his blogging spat with Syncaine finds that his comment numbers for the drama posts are dramatically increased over his normal game commentary.

I suspect however, that both Tobold and Syncaine are aware of the effects of controversy, and are simply playing to the crowd. Tobold especially over the last few months has been periodically posting about how he manages criticism on his blog, and he’s certainly right to set ground rules for comments on his blog. Tobold’s complaints about Syncaine, and the frequency of their occurence, seem to me to be more about getting visitors to his blog than about hurt feelings. Otherwise Tobold has got some really thin skin, perhaps too thin for a blogger.

But, as I said, controversy gets traffic, and both these bloggers have been around long enough to be aware of that.

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  1. Longasc

    I read neither blog anymore, in case of Syncaine I did not subscribe. Syncaine was always rude to people and focused mainly on bashing other games while there is obviously not much to say about Darkfall at all.

    Tobold lost me after a while when he focused more and more on meta-discussions about his blogging than on picking really interesting topics for his blog.

    I think blogs lose a lot of their genuine appeal if they start going for reader numbers. Apparently many bloggers cannot resist the urge to do so, but I also think it is rarely good for the quality of the blog. Only few manage to say meaningful things if they feel they need to post regularly and reurgitate other bloggers to keep their readers “entertained”.

  2. Pitrelli

    hehe Tobold should think about giving up blogging if he is really as ‘hurt’ as he makes out by SynCaines comments. SynCaine himself imo hasnt been nasty etc its more tongue in cheek with some valid points. As I have found out in the past however Tobold doesnt like getting questioned and thinks his opinion is Fact rather than just an opinion. Lets face it if you release a blog and dont let someone comment on it so they decide to make a seperate post on their own blog to give their view can you really cry about it?

    The thing which surprises me most is the amount of Tobolds readers that pander to him and stoke his ego even further.

    Im Team SynCaine on this one.

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