SOE Station Access

Michael at MMOG Nation has written an interesting article about the upcoming price increase for Sony Online Entertainments Station Access package. Station Access is the (currently) great deal that SOE offers players to access several of its MOGs at better prices. For $25 a player can subscribe to Everquest, Everquest 2, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online, and several other games instead of paying a single fifteen dollars a month subscription for each game. Along with this, Everquest 2 players get to have a few extra characters instead of the extremely limited six they can have with a standard subscription.

Unfortunately, the price rise to $29 dollars for the Station Access subscription effectively makes the cost the same as two standard subscriptions. While the original price might have some value for players who do like to play two of the MMOs that SOE have to offer, the new price diminishes that value to where there is no real incentive to purchase a Station Access sub. Having said that, EQ2 altaholics might have reason to subscribe given that they get extra character slots, and there are a few other benefits to subscribers if they use them. SOE might also have a few additional extras to make up for the price hike.

So far I haven’t decided if I’ll drop back to a standard sub for EQ2, (I wouldn’t bother for Vanguard) or pay the extra five dollars. Given that I’m not currently doing very much gaming at all, and that my attention has been captured by Lord of the Rings Online, I might just decide to cancel the subscription completely. It doesn’t matter in any case. I can always reactivate the sub later if I feel inclined to play any of the SOE MMOs that I have already purchased.



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