Publisher vs Journalist

DM Osbon over at Sweet Flag is currently doing a journalism course during his, somewhat spare free time, and has an interesting post up about game journalism. It’s a series of YouTube videos from an American TV show called GT. I’m not familiar with it, but it looks like it’s from the G4 network.

I’m half way through watching, but so far seems pretty fair and balanced. The interviewer is talking to three people, one of them a journalist who writes for one of the bigger print magazines, and a couple of representatives from the big gaming companies. From what has been said so far, they’re all in agreement about game reviews being fair and balanced, but there are some stories about the companies not appreciating low reviews, and the consequences of those reviews.

If you are at all interested in game journalism, perhaps you have dreams of writing for a game magazine one day, maybe even going so far as writing for Stropp’s World – such a dream is rarely achieved – then have a look at the videos. All up you’ll need around half an hour to run through them all.

You can find DMs article here.

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