Power To The People

Power To The Players

There were a few people who didn’t think that Blizzard would back down over requiring their forum posters to use real names through Real ID, but it appears that they, in fact, did. Mike ‘Nethaera’ Morhaime posted on the Blizzard forums saying that, at least for now, real names would not be required.

It does appear that the response from the World of Warcraft player base gave the folks at Blizzard quite a surprise. Up until this post the very few blue responses, from WoW Europe, were along the lines of, “Hey we hear you, but this Real ID thing is set in stone. Tuff cookies…”

I suspect that for once the number of players saying that they had cancelled their subscriptions over Real ID did actually match up with reality, or came close to it. My guess is that someone took a look at the account cancellation graph after three days and saw a spike far above norm. I’d love to know actually how many did decide to leave the game.

It just goes to show that the only real way that a consumer can effect change in a company policy is by voting with the wallet.

Now the big question for Blizzard is if they can regain the trust of these players enough to win them back.

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  1. Longasc

    I hope many still leave he game. My buddy Steve resubbed yesterday.

    There are so many good reasons to say bye to Warcraft and Blizzard as a company. Morhaime has backed down – “FOR NOW” as he menacingly states. They have not changed their stance on their RealID business strategy that is only for their own good at all.

  2. Sara Pickell

    I’m tired of Activision. I was willing to put up with them because of all the nostalgia Blizz had banked in Starcraft, enough so that SC2 was my only must buy game this year. Now, I’m gone and I’m not looking back. They let go of what made them a good game company, no reason to stick around for the aftermath.

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    @Longasc — I agree with your “For Now” comment. This is a favorite of politicians and bureaucrats too. They back down and then come back a year or two later with the same plan in a different jacket, and get people used to the idea slowly so they become less resistant.

    However, I’m not sure that Blizzard hasn’t done permanent damage to their trust over this. I was considering resubbing for Cataclysm to play a Worgen, but was on the fence due to constraints on my time. Even though they’ve reconsidered, I don’t think I will resub. The same goes for SC2.

    It’s entirely possible there were many players playing WoW out of habit who just needed a reason to quit. Has Blizzard given them one here?

    @Sara Pickell — As I mentioned above, SC2 was on my list too. Now, probably not. It’s not all due to Real ID, but mostly time constraints. Real ID has left enough of a bad taste to put me off. Maybe in a year or two, when the other parts of SC2 are released I might look at it then.

    In the meantime, for single player games, Civ 5 is fairly close and may satisfy my single player craving.

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