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New Realms

Blizzard has announced in this post that they have opened up four new realms for players. We would like to announce the opening of four new realms today, right now! As our population continues to grow, we feel more room…
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Keylogger Scam

The other day I wrote about Account Security because a few members of the Ministry of Offence were having problems that seemed to indicate that their accounts had been hacked. This got me thinking about account security in general and…
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Account Security

Never, never, never give anyone your password Did I say never? That’s right. The biggest mistake you can make is to give someone, especially someone you don’t know personally, your password. That’s the key to the vault. If you give…
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Big downtime

Just tried to log in to WoW for an hour of play before the servers come down. The servers usually come down around 9:30pm on a Tuesday night Australian time (during the winter) which can be a bit of a…
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