On The First Day of BlaugustReborn My True Love Said To Me

BlaugustReborn 2018


The Story So Far

Back towards the beginning of July, a post popped up in my feed regarding a little known phenomenon called BlaugustReborn 2018. Belghast, the blogger involved, had decided to rez this hallowed institution that had stopped a couple of years earlier and combine it with the also defunct Newbie Blogging Initiative (NBI) which had also succumbed to the Real Life Boss at the same time.

I’d also tried to revive my own blog earlier this year. However, a combination of factors, mostly health related, tag teamed me into submission. I’ll just go into it briefly here, but as you might know, 2017 was The Year of Kidney Cancer for me. It wasn’t a serious case, none of this rapid onset thing, but a very slow progression. In fact there was really no way to tell how long it had been there, as it was discovered when I had a preparatory ultrasound for an unrelated procedure. The year ended (and 2018) began with me getting radiotherapy.

Then the waiting began. I needed to wait at least six months before I could be re-scanned for results. This happened in June. And the result, was happily, signs that the treatment worked. There was no additional tumour growth, and signs on the scan that the tumours themselves were necrotizing from the inside out.

There’s a song that goes, “the waiting is the hardest part.” There’s truth in music.

Along with that, I’ve been on dialysis since 2016 which forced the suspension of my business. And the health problems also started to include mental health problems. Namely depression. Again it was not too severe, but a general lowness, and lack of motivation to do anything really.

Along Comes A BlaugustReborn

So when Belghast announced BlaugustReborn, I was immediately in two minds. Go with it, or get involved. Maybe by having the accountability and pressure of needing a posting schedule I’ll get back into blogging. Or just let the event pass by and keep the status quo. I signed up pretty much straight away. Since then both looked forward to the first of August and regretted my decision.

There is another wrinkle too. With the onset of some insomnia, I have been spending a bit of time watching some 3am Twitch streams. There’s nothing else on TV at that time of the day, and my zombie brain was too tired to actually play a game. So Twitch it was. And it’s really the first time I’ve had a good look at the Twitch phenomena. Being the impulsive sort that I am, I’ve decided to do some streaming myself.

I’m finding it also solves one of the big problems I have with blogging. Time.

Blogging about games involves playing games. That’s a no-brainer. But both playing and writing are time consuming activities. For me, doing one involves not doing the other. This is another reason my blogging has languished. With limited motivation, it’s often just easier to play a game than to write about it.

But streaming. Well that involves both activities as the same time.

And Now For Something A Little Bit Different

So in respect to Blaugust I’m gonna cheat a little. Well, cheat is probably a little strong since Belghast did give me a bit of an out.

You could share your awesome screenshots and write some notes about how you felt when you took it or what you were thinking at the time.  You could do your “daily blog” as a series of livestreams that you record and post later as a VOD or exported to YouTube.  The core concept is to create a community around the creation of new “stuff” and a sense of us all working together in the same shared space.

I’ll certainly post a number of standard format blog posts, but this time around I’ll include my livestreams in the BlaugustReborn mix. I’m not a 100% sure of the format I’ll use for them on this blog, but I’ll figure something out.

Oh, and if you’d like to participate in the stream, my live stream is located at https://www.twitch.tv/stroppsworld. Come along, watch, and follow. I’d be happy to see you there.

Other Things

Along with not posting on a blog comes other things like stale blogrolls, and out of date plugins. Over the next few days and weeks I think I also need to do some housekeeping on Stropp’s World.

Believe it or not this blog has been going since 2006. We’ll reach our 12th anniversary in September. Damn, that makes me feel old!

In that time, I’ve had two or three themes and existed on two webhosts. Just thinking about this has started me wondering if it’s time to update the blog once again. Maybe with the Twitch stream that is something I should look seriously at. What are your thoughts?

A Note On Mental Health

If you or a loved one are suffering from a mental illness, then the best thing you can do is to seek help. There are organisations like Lifeline Australia and Beyond Blue that are set up specifically to assist people who are struggling with life. I’ve listed Australian helplines here, but there are certainly helpline services in your city. Come to think of it, here is a challenge for this years Blaugusteers: Google a couple of helplines in your area, and link to them on your blog.

If you don’t struggle with depression, take some time to learn the signs. If you see someone, a friend perhaps, or a co-worker, and notice that they are looking glum please take the time to chat and ask them R-U-OK? You never know how helpful a simple kind word can be. Linking to them on your blog may provide a life line to someone in need who reads your blog at that moment.

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  1. stargrace

    Loved this post, and I hope to catch some streams in the near future. <3

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Thanks Star. Hope to see you there.

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