No TV And No Beer Make Stropp Something Something

Crazy Stropp

I did go a bit nuts with the Steam 2017 Winter Sale this year. Okay, saying it was a bit nuts is probably an understatement.

There were a ton of amazing discounts on games that I had on my wishlist, as well as on games that I had on the edge of my vision. Those were games that I liked but had no reasonable prospect of affording until they either came down in price or there was a substantial sale discount. Steam unfortunately sells games in Australia at Australian prices in US dollar amounts. (A triple-A game could sell for $80 US which prices it at $102 AUD.) With the big sale discounts, in some cases at %80+, I took advantage. Shame on me.

The best deals I got were with Doom (2016), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Kingdoms of Amalur, Elite Dangerous, and the new Tomb Raider. I’ve played the first couple of levels of Doom and have hit level 10 in Borderlands. Both I’m enjoying quite a lot, although I’ve found it quite difficult to find a multi-player match in Doom.

I also picked up a bunch of smaller games. In this group are some platformers, rogue-likes, and indie games. A lot of these were priced less than a couple of dollars. If they aren’t any good then it’s not like I’ve dropped a bundle on them.

Considering I already have a fairly large backlog of games that I either haven’t played at all, or barely touched. I’m not sure adding to that collection is such a great idea. I’m thinking of making one of my gaming goals of 2018 a concerted attempt to clear as much of the backlog as possible. There’s probably a few things I can do to do that. I’ll post about that at a later date.

In the meantime, I have a lot of games to download. At least the biggest have been done. Doom came in at 60 gigabytes and took a good day and a bit to download and install. Luckily none of the others are quite that big. Also luckily my ISP last year moved me on to a plan with an unlimited download cap.

It looks like 2018 might have bit more gaming in it than 2017.

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