NBI: So You Wanna Be A Superstar?

Ahhh the timing…

Along with the gaming blogs that I read, I have a number of non-game related blog feeds on my Google Reader. There’s a bunch of gadget, programming, and IT based blogs; some game developer blogs. And of course blogs about blogging.

That’s another NBI tip I have for you. If you want to get good at anything, first you have to actually practice it, but second you need to study it. You might think you are not that great of a writer now, but believe me after you’ve written a quarter of a million words** you’ll be a much better writer than when you started, even if you don’t actively study to improve your writing.

BTW, if you want to be a novelist the rule of thumb is that you will need to write somewhere around a million words before you’ll get published, but I digress. You will also need to study your craft if you want to be really good at it. To study blogging, the sources of information to look for tend to be blogs on blogging.

On my feed today is a post called How To Become A Blogging Superstar.

While you might not feel the need to be the next MMORPG Blogstar, there is some good advice in that post in any case.

The big thing to take home is that the more you post, the more readers you will end up with.

** Think 250K words is a lot? So do I, but that is how many words have been published on this blog since I started writing in 2006, and I’m not really that prolific a blogger.


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