Making Windows 8 Work For Me

I installed Windows 8 a few months ago after my hard disk died. I needed to install another drive, and thought that since the W8 upgrade was on $48, that it would be worth upgrading (from Windows XP*.)

I quickly discovered that Windows 8 wasn’t as bad as I had read. I was getting the impression that the whole thing would force me into the new user interface experience. It didn’t, not exactly. The computer always boots in to Metro, but I ended up removing every single square from the UI except for the desktop tile, and solely used the desktop with icons. I missed the Start menu, but not all that much.

Until today. I didn’t have an icon for Steam on the desktop, and tried to open it with the WinKey R(un) and typed steam. But it wasn’t found. Yeah so much for that feature. You have to know exactly what the executable is called.

So I spent $4.99 and bought the Start 8 app from Stardock. Installed it, no restart necessary, and there is the Start menu button in the task manager again. It took all of five minutes.

Yay! Welcome back old friend.

Oh, and look! There’s Steam.

* Yes I know. But I only tend to upgrade the OS after a catastrophe or on buying a new computer. The PC, and hard drive is and was 5 years old. My usual upgrade cycle is every 18 months. A lower income over the last couple of years extended that cycle.

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