Regular readers will know that I periodically rant against stupid censorship laws, being a strong believer that people not only have a right to make up their own minds about what they read, watch, or play, but that they are generally capable of making those decisions being adults.

Still, sometimes one must wonder.

One of the big gaming issues in Oz at the moment is the undemocratic blocking of an R rating for games by the South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson. I’ve made a few comments about that on this blog, but that’s not what I want to rail at now.

Apparently, some in the gaming community have been sending death-threats to the AG, not only threatening him, but his family.

Are these idiots really so dense as to believe that a death-threat will make someone in a high-level government position cower in fear and change their position?

If anything this kind of stupidity only entrenches the opinion and position of your opponent. Worse still, it turns the reasonable members of society who may have been leaning towards supporting our position against us. It can only harm the cause of getting an R rating for games, and supports the position of the censorship advocates. Idiots!

The point of being anti-censorship is to support a system where everyone has the right to express themselves freely, and where everyone can choose what expressions they partake in. One of the constant features of repressive societies is the censorship of expression, often through the use of violence or the removal of individual rights.

Someone who chooses to threaten someone with violence or death in order to get his or her own way isn’t choosing the path of freedom. They’re choosing the road that dictators and censors so often like to take.

Maybe there really are some in the gaming community who should be denied access to games.


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  1. Brian Inman

    I have been reading about this in Australia. Are you still able to buy them off the internet, and have them shipped?

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    @Brian — I’m not sure, I think there may be importation restrictions on refused classification material but I’m not sure what happens when it is a personal shipment.

    The big problem when importing non-PC games is the region coding. Since we’re region 4 here any games imported from the US won’t work without a mod-chip in the console.

    Of course that makes a digital download service like Steam handy, at least for PC games. Except that Steam won’t sell a RC game in Australia either, or so I’ve been told. It’s possible another service might.

  3. CMK

    I know it’s good to get it off your chest, and you’re really preaching to the choir, but dummies like these will never change their minds. These people are beyond help.

    It kind of follows John Gabriel’s Greater Internet ****wad Theory, only add the words “violent” and “oblivious.”

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