GP Timing

What timing.

I’d just posted an article on game politics and what does Game Politics the blog do?

They report on a rant by Richard Bartle in the UK Newspaper, The Guardian.

Bartle, love him or hate him, is the co-creator of the MUD, the text based predecessor of our beloved MMORPG. He’s also a great voice out there for the gamer generation and he doesn’t pull any punches when he’s talking game politics.

Bartle directs his ire at the following:

I’m talking to you, you self-righteous politicians and newspaper columnists, you relics who beat on computer games:…

He has some word of prophecy for this generations politicians and media moguls.

15 years from now, the prime minister of the day will have grown up playing computer games… Gamers vote. Gamers buy newspapers. They won’t vote for you, or buy your newspapers, if you trash their entertainment with your ignorant ravings. Call them social inadequates if you like, but when they have more friends in World of Warcraft than you have in your entire sad little booze-oriented culture of a real life, the most you’ll get from them is pity…

In the immortal words (paraphrased) of Monty Python: He’s a cruel man – but fair.

Like I said in my previous post about game politics, there are powerful groups with a vested interested in knobbling the gaming community. Richard Bartles perspective is that they have already lost, that there are now more gamers in the community than non gamers.

While I don’t agree completely — just because someone is born in the post-game generation doesn’t mean they are a gamer, or respect games — Bartle makes a great point. Games are here to stay. The longer this media exists, the more entrenched it becomes.

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