Goodbye 2017

End of Year 2017

Happy New Year!

I was contemplating titling this post, “Good Riddance 2017!” because… well… 2017 wasn’t exactly the most auspicious year was it?

Aside from the obvious political nonsense of the year (we Australians weren’t immune to a lack of political maturity) it wasn’t a great year, personally, for health or for MMO style gaming.

In fact, I can’t really remember any great moments in MMORPG gaming this year. I don’t think there were any distinctive releases of new games. I spent some time in Guild Wars 2, reaching the level cap and completing the original story. That’s memorable I suppose. It’s not often I hit the level cap in in a MMO. Still, I reckon this malaise reflects a little of my feelings about MMOs lately.

I got into Path of Exile in a reasonable big way in December, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I played the last half of the Mayhem race with a Ranger and reached level 41 before the race ended. Being a ‘void’ race however that character is now unplayable. Not that I mind, I did understand that when I started it, but it would be nice to be able to examine a void character afterwards. I then waited and started playing a claw assassin in the new Abyss league. That was going swimmingly until I reached the first major boss in Act 5 and was stopped in my tracks.

After that I tried another character, but found the motivation to go on lacking. So I’ve stopped now for a bit.

I like the game, enough in fact to spend some money on a supporter pack. I reckon the fact you can play the whole game through without having to pay for content or power deserves some support. However, Path of Exile is not a forgiving game. You really do have to pick a solid build that supports what you want to do at the beginning of the game, and stick with it, in order to progress. Diablo 3 on the other hand doesn’t penalise a player for just playing the way they want. The game always seems completable. Diablo 3 however simply doesn’t get the support and development that PoE does. Every league, or season in D3 terms, sees new features added. The last new feature Diablo added was The Darkening of Tristram event.

Medically, December also saw me undergo the first set of SABR treatments (radiotherapy) for a tumor on my left kidney. That took a couple of weeks, but the upside was that there were no real side-effects apart from a little nausea and tiredness. My second round, for the tumour on my right kidney started today with a review appointment and a CT scan to set up the parameters for the treatment. And I now how six. Six! Count em! tattoos that help to calibrate the machine for the treatments. The next irradiation’s start in a couple of weeks. After that, it will be six months or so before I found out how successful they’ve been.

Anyway, that was 2017. Welcome to 2018.

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