Good Old Games, You’re My Hero

Just saw on Rock Paper Shotgun a little news item that Good Old Games has decided to drop a IP location check for buyers of their games.

This means that Australian gamers won’t be faced with the following.

  • Not being charged a ridiculous premium on games because we live in Oz, as Steam does for some titles.
  • Not being able to buy a game online because the publisher blocks games that didn’t pass our stupid Australian censorship laws.

Both of those are bonuses.

I do like this quote from RPS.

It’s great that GoG are employing trust in their customers this way, because it means they know that no one in Australia would ever dream of breaking this bond by using the lack of IP geo-tracking to purchase a game that’s been censored by their country’s government.

pause in typing

okay. Just excuse me for a second as I pick myself up off the floor. Laughing like that is a health hazard.

As you know I hate censorship. I think it’s the lowest act of government, and a sign of the nanny state mentality that politicians who think they know better than the people who elected them. As an adult I have the right to choose what I read, watch, listen to, or play. No government has the right to dictate that.

So I applaud Good Old Games, even if they are not making a stand against censorship, to at least remove some of the road blocks thrown up assisting the censors.

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  1. TheEnigmaticT

    Thanks for the shout-out. Hope you enjoy The Witcher 2, regardless of whether you get it from or not!

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