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steam summer sale

Ahh Christmas-time.

Such a time of abject consumerism, but I don’t mind too much when that consumerism includes the Steam summer sale. (Hey, it’s summer-time down under folks. How else can we have a 41C Christmas day? <jealous>Enjoy your snow people!</jealous> )

So I have indulged myself a little this year and bought a couple of games that I had on my wishlist. These are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Creeper World 3. I haven’t got to Creeper World yet, but I’ve read that it’s a faily simple strategy with a ton of depth and replayability. Plus, I’ve spent a bit of time already in the world of Adam Jensen, and so far enjoying it. I’ve also read, and am hoping it’s true, that there are alternate paths to the boss fights of Human Revolution. Although I tend to play the psycho and murder every bad guy I see in these games, those boss fights were not at all enjoyable ammo munching slogs, and I would have loved to have another option at the time. But that’s ancient history now.

But back to the Steam sale. It’s a wonderful thing, but I keep getting emails about discounts on my wishlist. The only problem now is that I’ve already spent (and exceeded) my Christmas budget on friends and family (and myself… sigh…) So I’ll have to wait for the next set of sales.

That’s okay. I won’t have to wait long.

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