Eat My Dust: #1

Eat My Dust is a look back on the past week. There’ll be some personal stuff here, as well as what has caught my attention in the gaming world. Other items of interest might also appear here.

Doctor Stuff

I had a bit of Doctor stuff happening this week, which is likely to be the case for the next few weeks.

A few weeks ago, in preparation for the radiotherapy I underwent a bone scan which involved lying on a couch for about 40 minutes while every bone in my body was scanned. This past Monday I once again lay on a couch for a preparatory scan for the actual treatment. This took a bit longer as the technicians and doctor stood over me and drew lines on my abdomen to determine where the laser radiation beams should be aimed.

There’s a couple more test scans over the next two weeks and then I start the SABR treatment proper. Fortunately, this is a newish kind of radiotherapy which only requires three or six sessions (depending on whether they do both tumours at once or whether they do them separately.) The old way as I understand it required several weeks of treatments every couple of days.

If you’re interested here’s a link to Stanford’s page on SABR treatment.


I didn’t get much done in the way of gaming this week. I was a bit tired after everything else that happened, so I relaxed a bit watching some TV rather than doing any gaming.


I’ve been catching up on some of the TV shows that I’ve neglected over the last couple of years. I’d last finished both Game of Thrones and Walking Dead to season three, so a few weeks ago I bought season four of both series on DVD. After that I picked up season five. Binged out on Walking Dead last week, but have been taking GoT 5 a bit slower this week with just the first four episodes viewed.

Even though I’m enjoying Game of Thrones, it’s Walking Dead that has captured my attention. I tell myself that I’m only going to watch a couple of episodes a day, but then I go an binge two discs worth. I need me some self-control!

While the Walking Dead has always been dark, seasons 4 and 5 have been exceptionally so. Almost too much I’m thinking. These people just can’t get a break.I think the writers have nailed the whole PTSD thing here, especially with Rick. He was just starting to recover in 4 when a new encounter with The Governor left him shattered once again. I can see why he’s like he is at the end of season 5. Every time hope appears it’s smashed. I’m kind of hoping things get better for him. Not counting on it though.

Season Three of the 12 Monkeys series started again on SBS. Actually it started a week ago and I didn’t see it, so I missed the first two episodes. Same happened with both season 1 and 2. That’s the problem watching free to air tele. They don’t always give a heads up and it’s easy to miss. This is a quality show. I reckon I’ll be getting this on DVD sooner or later.


Even though I’m now semi-retired, I’m keeping my hand in on programming. And I’ve also got the time to look into technologies that I didn’t have the time to examine when I was working.

I’ve definitely got some plans to play with AI, Big Data, and Graphics, perhaps even some game ideas. Currently I’m looking at the concept of distributed applications with siloed micro-processes. I came across Project Orleans, which is a Microsoft open source project. I’ve cloned the Git project and am looking through the code and learning a few of the concepts.

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