Doomed To Buy Again

I bought a Galaxy Note earlier in the year and started buying novels and such on the Kindle app. A few days ago I bought two novels as eBooks that I already own in paperback format. (The reason being that I moved house earlier in the year and have less space so physical books are somewhat limiting. And the paperbacks are in boxes in storage.)

In the same way, I’ve also got on Steam at several times the last couple of years and bought (usually at a huge discount) some games that I also already own. Some of these were updated for modern PCs, but not all. Again, the reasoning was that it was too hard to go searching for the old disks, especially since some of the games were under $5.

Now with the twentieth anniversary of Doom, I feel tempted to hit Steam and buy that.

Of course, with Doom that was never on CD, that was a bunch of floppies and not many modern computers have those any more.

But this has got me wondering, what do you do?

Are you happy to buy a game, or any product for that matter, more than once; or are you someone who steadfastly refuses to buy anything a second time (unless it’s physically broken?)

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  1. The Guilty Party

    I’m generally fine with buying something repeatedly, if it’s low enough price and high enough convenience. CDs are just a pain in the ass, so I’ll gladly switch to Steam when one of the super-sales comes around.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    @Guilty — I think convenience is the issue, and price too. I doubt if I’d spend 50 or 60 dollars to buy a game I already owned on CD, unless the new version made some dramatic improvements to graphics or user interface.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Dion

    If I own it on CD I have no moral issue’s downloading the torrent, no need to buy the same game again. Cool little site by the way – stumbled across it by accident

  4. Stropp (Post author)

    @Dion — I don’t have any moral qualms on downloading something I’ve already paid for either, but my issues are more to do with the safety and security of downloading something (from unofficial channels) that might screw up my PC. I already spent way too much time fixing viruses on client computers to want to do that in my off hours!

  5. Dion

    Yeah I guess in my case dealing with the rare virus / malware is worth it when I know I’m saving hundreds, possibly thousands to have my games cross platforms

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