Does It Have Guns?

I saw this on TV the other night. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) puts on a weekly programme called Good Game which reviews and showcases the latest games. This last week the half hour was dedicated to This Gaming Life by Tripod and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Tripod is a three man group who for years have been doing comedy music stylings. I know them mostly from the Triple J breakfast and drivetime shows of a few years ago. Once a week they came into the studio and were given a topic and the task of creating a song, lyrics and music, on the spot. As you might imagine there was a lots of funny stuff.

Well it turns out these guys are also dedicated gamers and thought to themselves, why don’t we write a symphony dedicated to gaming. They brought out an American conductor, arranged for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and wrote a bunch of songs about their gaming.

The show played two nights, the clip below (only a short one, not a full opera so it won’t take all night) is one of the arrangements.

If you enjoyed that, there are a couple of others on YouTube. There’s Skyrim, 3 Seconds of Halo, and Safety in Numbers. If you can find it, have a watch of The Hole of Embarrassment, which refers to one of the caves in Halo where if you’re not careful you can wedge your Warthog in good and tight.

I hope you enjoy this musical interlude.



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  1. Jeromai

    Sweet! I’m a big fan of Tripod, though I haven’t kept current with what they were up to since Tripod vs the Dragon.

    Good to know that I have a bunch of new videos to watch in the near future, once I find the time to do so.

    1. Stropp (Post author)

      I don’t know for sure, but I suspect there’s probably a DVD of this too. Probably available at the ABC Shop.

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