Death Threats Are Just Dumb

death threats are just dumb

I don’t care if a game developer does everything wrong with a game. If they add lockboxes with a 1 in 10 trillion chance of getting the item you want. If they change the skill set, dumb down the talent tree. Maybe even *gasp* modify your chosen class so that it is no longer fun to play. Death threats are just dumb.

I’m writing this because as I go through my various feeds this morning I’m seeing a ton of stuff about the EA Reddit thread post. Apparently EA thinks the lockboxes for their Star Wars Battlefront II game are designed to give players a sense of purpose and achievement.

Okay. That’s pretty dumb. And has rightly led to the post being down-voted a record number of over 555,000 times (see this Massively post about it.) I’m currently cogitating some ideas about lockboxes for a later post, but that’s not what this post is about.

Unfortunately, along with the down-votes, there have been a number of death threats made along with a ton of insults.

Honestly, making death threats is tremendously stupid.

For one thing it’s illegal and could see you in front of a judge resulting in a possible criminal conviction.

Secondly, it doesn’t do squat. So don’t do it.

Death Threats Ensure You’ll Be Ignored

Anyone who really believes that death threats and insults actually have any bearing on what the developers do in their games is delusional. It’s more likely to drive an individual developer out of the games business rather than seeing a change made to the game. That benefits no one. Even more likely, a threat make sure the subject will be ignored.

I can tell you now. If I were a game developer and someone insulted me, I’d delete the email without reading further. A tweet would be blocked. A threat would be kept and forwarded to the authorities. Any “change this or you die” component would be ignored. Life is too short to listen to jerks.

My Nanna used to tell me, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” It’s an old cliche, but it’s true. I’m not talking about that talk-show style buttering up here. Constructive criticism, presented in a thoughtful manner is more likely to be considered than not. Sometimes it stings. But it’s usually considered within the bigger picture.

If it isn’t, or even if it is and you don’t get the result you want, there’s always the ability to vote with your wallet. You don’t have to buy any more of that developers games. Nobody is forcing you to buy SW Battlefront II.

Money talks. If a feature results in lower sales, it won’t be there in future games. If lockboxes drive people away from Battlefront and EA makes a loss, that feature will be reconsidered in III.

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