Cool Link: More Terrorism Commentary

A little update on yesterdays mocking of Australian bureaucracy regarding terrorists using World of Warcraft and Second Life to conduct training for their nefarious schemes.

Terra Nova has put up an article; More Dots! Cried the Terrorist, that gives their take on the Australian Newspaper article. As usual Terra Nova takes a thoughtful approach to the topic. Not perhaps as derisive and mocking as I.

My favorite quote from the article.

But we’re always haunted by the prophetic imagination of Gibson, Stephenson, Sterling, Stross: even those who have never heard of them or the Metaverse have been affected by a collective unconscious that expects there to be only a few steps between raiding Blackwing Lair and post-Singularity downloads of our consciousness into Moravecian cyborgs striding through AI-generated simulacra.

Definitely worth a read, even if just for the colorful phraseology.

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