Blizzard’s New Looking For Spook Tool

It really comes as no surprise to read that the NSA has been infiltrating online games looking for information and to recruit ‘agents.’ Spy agencies have been going where people hang out for decades in order to reach their recruiting goals. It’s just that a recent Snowden revelation has exposed the truth that everyone has known for ages, or at least suspected: that spy agencies have been recruiting through World of Warcraft.

Still, I wonder if Blizzard could help them out a little. Be patriotic and all that.

With the upcoming expansion, good ol’ Blizz have been fiddling with the looking for group tool again, to make it easier for group leaders to filter out players they don’t want.

Could they include a “Looking For Spook” option and give the NSA players the ability to filter on people willing to spy on other players?

But on the other hand, I wonder how the NSA folks have the time to spy and recruit anyway, what with all the raiding going on.

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