Blaugust Blogging Barriers

Okay. So I like alliteration. You haven’t noticed by now…

Before I started this Blaugust thingy, I noted that the nasty condition known as Real Life (it’s worse that psoriasis!) might curtail some of my Blaugust Blogging.

Toward the end of July I delivered the first stage of the SaaS product that I have been working on. The project effectively entered the alpha stage and the client has been busy testing, and as it happens has come up with a whole bunch of bugs and changes, and extra features. So this last week I’ve been busy going through this list and categorizing it, and working out (with the client) what is needed to be done for the beta phase, what is needed for release, and what can come after. Amazingly, there’s few items in the last category.

And I also have another project on my plate, it’s much smaller, and I should be able to do it in the evenings, but it will reduce the time I need for Stropp’s World blogging, and gaming in general.

Speaking of which, I have done a little. I spent some time last weekend in World of Warcraft of all things. It has to have been at least three or four years since I last played, maybe longer since Burning Crusade was the last expansion area I was in. I haven’t resubscribed, I basically created a new account and have been using the free low level starter account dealie. We’ll see if it sticks enough to resub I guess. Conditions apply.

Still, don’t count me out completely. This little exercise has resparked my interest, dare I say my enthusiasm for games blogging; you haven’t seen the last of me for this Blaugust.

Anyway, here I am. One of these days, I’ll retire (I guess) and then I’ll have all the time in the world to play games and blog about them while my teeth soak in the glass and I yell at the young uns to get off my lawn.

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  1. Ysharros

    Yes, wasn’t that the plan? MMO-pensioners unite! 😀

    1. Stropp (Post author)

      I think we need a new MMO Bloggers guild.

      How about Casualties of Arthritis?

      1. Ysharros

        That’s a bit close to the bone…

        See what I did there?

        1. Stropp (Post author)

          Oh dear. I tendon touch a nerve sometimes.

          My apunogies…

          1. Ysharros

            Shame on you 😀

            (But it did make me chuckle(

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