Blaugust AMA: My Longest Gaming Session

For Blaugust extra credit, there’s an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread running over on the Anook pages. It’s a simple enough process, ask a question of the previous poster and the next person in line asks a question for you to answer.

Dallian of Aggrochat asks: What is the longest non-stop gaming session you’ve ever had (including breaks for food/bathroom)?

Ooooo. That’s a tough one. Because I’m so old, ya see. That memory thing… now what was the question again?

If you include food and bathroom breaks, my marathon sessions tend to be somewhere around the 18 hour mark. It doesn’t happen as often anymore, but sometimes on a weekend I’ll get up around 8 or 9, have breakfast and then start playing something. If I don’t go out with friends, I might finish anywhere from 9pm to 12pm.

Once or twice, or a few times, I’ve gone to bed after 3am after a gaming session, but these tend to be when I’m playing a just-one-more-turn type of game like Civilization. That single game has probably been responsible for more late nights than any other.

There were a couple of times when I was playing a MMO, WoW I think, with players in other time zones; doing a dungeon which just kept on going and going, but those weren’t so much long sessions as late ones.

And I played Diablo 2 out over a single week for 50 hours played, most nights after work.

It does help that I’m an owl, and that I gravitate towards staying up late. (As I write this the clock has just hit 1 am.) Whenever I take holidays, by the end of them my bed time has shifted to around 3am, and I have to get myself back into an earlier mode before I go back to work.

But really, I’ve never done the crazy gamer thing of gaming for days straight without any real breaks or sleep. It’s not really in my makeup I think. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever actually wanted to do that.

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