Blame The Nutbag

Over the weekend, yet another nutbag thought he was doing the world a favor and murdered a terrible lot of innocent people because he thought some of them might end up being traitors. It’s an awful thing to read and watch the aftermath of this kind of act, how much more horrible it must be to be the friends or relatives of the victims. Even the stalwart people of Norway who aren’t directly affected must be in shock at this attrocity right now. I want to send my condolences to all who were affected by this terrible event.

The interesting thing is how the people of Norway, and the government are calling for calm and not reacting in a knee-jerk fashion by calling for tougher security and touting an anti-terrorist agenda.

Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped the opportunists with an agenda calling for action to be taken against games.

You see the killer in this event stated that he used Modern Warfare 2 as a training simulator to prepare for his crime.

This single thing, as ridiculous as it is, has been grabbed by the game hating lobby to call for the banning of violent games. Here in Australia at least one lobby group is calling for a ban on all violent games. Because of course, it’s the games fault.

Now, as we all know, unfortunately the world has more than just a few people who fit the desription in the title of this article. These are people that are filled with anger, hate, fear, or all of the above and who think that an individuals, or group is out to get them or those they love. In simple terms, they’ re mentally ill. Normally, this rage or fear expresses itself in a single or small number of deaths; We’ve all seen the standoffs in the news with some guy who has taken hostages kills them and usually himself.

Sometimes though, the hate is directed at a group. In this case, the killer was convinced he had to protect the West from Islam, despite the fact that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding members of whatever society they belong too. So he gunned down and blew up a large number of people. Many of whom presumably belonged to his own faith.

Now I said earlier that his statement of using MW2 as a training simulator was ridiculous. Why?

Simple. How does using a mouse/keyboard or gamepad simulate the use of firearms or explosives? It just simply doesn’t. Aiming, the effect of recoil, the timing of fuses, everything associated with arms and ordinance takes a lot of practice using the actual gear to become proficient. Being good at CoD doesn’t mean you can handle a gun. I very much doubt that the police or military will replace live fire practice with Gears of War or CoD on the XBox 360 anytime soon.

And ultimately, the individual is to blame for their actions. It’s up to the courts to determine capability due to mental illness, not some lobby group. Do we blame the fact that this guy chose a game to while away his fantasies and ‘train’ for his act of murder, or do we consider that he was a nutbag and would have done what he did regardless of what game console he had chosen?

Would anyone be asking for a ban on Mario Cart if he only had a Wii?

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