Belatedly Blogging Blaugust

The other day I mentioned that I might give the Blaugust initiative a bit of a go this year. Well here I am.

A little belatedly though.

After that post, Ysharros commented about my nuevo-social-commentary art look on the header of this site. Namely, my header had been replaced with a pharma ad.ย Well, that was news to me.

It turns out that this particular hack shows the site owner what they expect to see, but everyone else sees the spam.

It wasn’t a simple matter to clean this up either. After reinstalling the WordPress core code, and not fixing it, I contacted my hosts support who very quickly got back to me with the information I needed. It then took a few hours spent over a couple of days to remove old files and get everything ship shape. I’ve requested another scan, which I’m waiting on as I write this, but hopefully I’ve got all the infected files. BTW, if you see any spam here, other than my own demented ramblings, can you please let me know?

As I mentioned in that other post, I was/am a little hesitant in getting involved in Blaugust, for the simple reason that I’m not doing a lot of gaming right now and, well, hey, that’s what I write about here. Coming up with 31 gaming related posts might be tricky. So what I’m going to do, at least for this challenge, is to expand my focus a little to cover the other geeky areas of my world. There a few decent, and not so good, TV shows I’ve been watching, usually later in the night when I’ve finished work, so I might include some of them here. If I get a chance to see a movie, maybe a movie review will be in order. I might include interesting work related things, or stuff I find interesting on the Internet. I will try to keep it geeky though.

Finally, if you have one of those memes that you’d like me to participate in, send it my way.

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  1. Paeroka

    Just saw you on Anook. Good luck, fellow Blaugust-er. :p

    I assume my own posts will become quite ranty at some point if I don’t find enough gaming-related topics to really write about.

    1. Stropp (Post author)

      Thanks! And good luck to you too. Although you seem to be doing well so far…

      1. Paeroka

        I used the last weekend to pre-write lots of posts, yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m set until Saturday now, which is a good thing because we’ll be away at gamescom all day tomorrow. I really hope I’ll find more inspiration to write about there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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