I’m Stropp, I’ve been playing computer games for many years now, and have played perhaps more than my fair share of MMORPGs since about 2000.

This blog started out as a blog on World of Warcraft, and for a few years I played that game fairly consistently. I’m not monogameous though, and so have journeyed through quite a lot of MMO games over the years including Everquest 2, Rift, The Secret World, Fallen Earth, to name a few. I generally play characters using the names: Stropp, Bargearse, Majikthise and variations thereof. If you see someone with one of these names tooling about in a game you play, feel free to stop and say hello.

In real life, I am a Software Engineer, living in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Adelaide is situated in sunny South Australia, which I’m told is the driest state, in the driest continent on the Earth. I’ve been professionally developing software since 1984. Since 2009 I have been working on my own business developing software for clients focusing primarily on SaaS and Cloud applications.

Comment Policy

I have a fairly liberal comment policy on this site. You can say pretty much what you want to say and how you want to say it. However, while comments that are abusive, or loaded with swearing, will be moderated on a case by case basis, they are likely to be deleted. In my opinion abuse doesn’t add value, and usually hinders the discussion.

I will not accept spam, and have an aggressive spam catcher. I also have the comment moderator turned on. It will hold certain comments for me to moderate. If you want to bypass the moderator, take note of the following rules, the automatic moderator will hold the following:

* Comments with more than 2 out-going links.

* Comments with common swear words.

* Comments that have the appearance of spam.

Oh, and links on comments are now always no-followed by default. I used to have a plugin that set links to followed after a period of time so that I could deal with spam before it passed juice back to the spammer and at the same time reward honest commentators, but simply having followed links attracted spammers. So now we use the WordPress default.

Please note that I will delete comments that have no content or relevance to the post for which they are intended. Some webmasters will add junk comments simply to trackback to their own website. This is considered a bit rude. If you want a trackback, at least *try* to add some value to the discussion.


Privacy Policy

I take my privacy pretty seriously, and I guarantee to take your privacy seriously as well. On no account will I sell or make available to a third party any information that you give me, except when I am using a third party service to provide a service to this website, and then I’ll try to make sure that no personally identifiable information will be passed on. I hate spammers and won’t give your details to them.

This of course doesn’t apply to any personal data that you might give to a third party when you leave this site by clicking on any of the links. It also doesn’t apply if I am forced to release your information by a court or some other act of government legislation.

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For the more legal type lingo, see the official Stropp’s World Privacy Page.