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Stropp, Blogging Return

If you still have this blog in your feed, or you visit from time to time, you might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging anything for quite a while. There’s a few good reasons for that.

Blogging Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

Firstly, I’ve always positioned Stropp’s World as a MMORPG blog. That’s how I started it in 2006, writing about World of Warcraft first, and then moving on to cover other MMOs as I jumped from game to game. But the last few years, from 2010 really, the frequency of posting dropped off quite sharply. For one thing I started a business, and you really have no idea how much time and energy that takes until you actually do it. Sure, you ‘know’ about that side of running a business, you hear what people say, but until you’ve experienced it.

Let’s just say running a business doesn’t leave you with much time for gaming, let alone time intensive MMORPGs.

Then last year I ended up with pneumonia which polished off my kidneys. Since then I have been doing dialysis three times a week. That’s kind of killed off the business (at least until I can get a successful transplant) but has sapped much of my enthusiasm. On top of that, earlier this year I was also diagnosed with tumours. One on each kidney. I’ve been going through the processes, and should start radiotherapy soon. The cancer I have doesn’t appear aggressive and hasn’t spread, so that’s a good thing. There’s time to deal with it.

Also I’ve been playing mostly single player indie or low cost games. I’m on a disability pension now, so budget is a priority.

Finally, I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say on the topic of MMOs. What I have felt like saying I’ve done so on sites like Massively OP and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. So even though I’ve now got more time to play and blog, I’ve not done so.

Blogging Programmes Resuming Shortly

Having said all that, over the last couple of months I’ve felt a strong urge to start blogging again. But with my life not being on this blogs topic that much, what to do?

Actually, here Stargrace leads the way. She’s been a long time MMO and game blogger over at MMO Quests. She has recently posted how she feels it’s time to post more about other topics that she’s passionate about. She’s even rebranded her blog to a new name and URL, Nomadic Gamer EH. So, that’s where I am going to go. (No, not Nomadic Gamer, just mixing up my own blogging to make this a bit more of a personal diary.) There’s a lot of things I’m passionate about. MMORPGs are just one subject. I enjoy single player games, movies, science fiction, programming, technology, even discussing politics (though I won’t do that here. That subject can be highly divisive, especially at this point in history.) Sounds like I should add walks on the beach to that list. Ladies, I’m single too! 😉

But don’t worry loyal readers, or even disloyal readers who like games. While I intend to post more personal stuff, and stuff about my interests, games are still a huge part of my life. The bulk of my writing will still be game related, if the topic isn’t something that interests you feel free to skip it. I won’t be offended.

If however, you do decide to stay and read, welcome. Come on in, take your shoes off, and enjoy.

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  1. Roger Edwards

    Blimey, sounds like you’ve had quite a year. Hope things improve for you.

    Nice to see a blogger return to writing. I’ve added your site to Feedly and look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. steven stuart

    welcome back!

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