If You Had Me In Your Feed, You Might Not Now

A few weeks ago I changed my webhost.

There were a couple of reasons, but mostly Hostgators support really, really sucked. (I had been hacked and was sending out tons of spam from Christmas day which meant that in between cooking for the family, I was trying to work out how to fix this. I lodged a support request that took a whole 4 weeks for HG to get back to me, saying that they had changed the password after I had figured out the problem two weeks earlier.) Then I received a bill with only a few days to pay and decided to move. Ahh, the joys of self-hosting…

It mostly went okay. The DNS took longer than normal to propagate completely, and consequently I had some problems with FTPing the old site content to the new server. But once that was resolved things progressed reasonably quickly.

But I did forget one thing.

My feed was being served through Googles Feedburner service.

That I forgot probably isn’t unreasonable since Google seems to have forgotten about Feedburner too.

This was something that concerned me, especially after Google shut down Reader a couple years ago. If they did that, how likely were they to shut down Feedburner too? And if they did that, what would that do to my subscribers?

Well, that’s all moot now. Feedburner has been disconnected, and I won’t be adding the plugin back in to this blog.

This means that anyone subscribed through my feed likely isn’t receiving posts through it anymore. If that’s you, please resubscribe through the standard site feed and you can keep reading my sparkling, but highly irregular prose.

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