Daybreak or Nightfall?

About two weeks ago I wrote about the sale of SOE to an investment company (called Columbus Nova) and the subsequent rename of SOE to Daybreak Game Company. At the time I noted:

So what does this mean for games like Everquest?

Does EQ make enough to warrant keeping it alive, or will it be one of those line items that some dude in a suit will be hovering his red pen over, ready to strike out?

What about Landmark? Everquest Next? Cancelled or rushed out, too early?

Only time will tell I guess.

Time will tell, in fact it’s already pointing that way with a bunch of layoffs at the company a week later. Man. That didn’t take long.

The question still remains, and perhaps now is as pertinent as ever: what about Landmark? Everquest Next?

But we can also ask. What about Everquest?

That the layoffs happened so quickly after the acquisition leads me to believe that over the next few weeks (months at the most) an announcement will be made about sun-setting Everquest. Remaining development resources will be directed to Everquest Next and some sort of tentative release date will be given. It may be that EQ is given the same treatment as Turbine gave Asheron’s Call where the game is run subscription free (buy to play) but with no future development or maintenance.

The question after that is what happens to Everquest 2?

I think that’s safe for a while longer. It’d be hard to dump EQ2 before EQ Next simply because it would damage the EQ brand. It may just be that a decision is made to stop developing new expansion packs.

Again, time will tell. I’m hoping it later rather than sooner though.