Not Dead Yet

Obligatory Python reference.

Okay. So it’s been a while. Reason being is that I picked up some work coding a Rails app for a startup (still going) as well as having to keep taking on bits and pieces of IT and other software dev work to pay the bills.

But in the midst of all that I picked up where I left off with Rift way back when.

When Archeage released I downloaded it, and played the FTP content for a while but the game didn’t really grab me. I keep hearing how wonderful and sandboxy it is, but still… It might have been that Asian RPG feel which is something I’ve always had trouble getting into. I’ve tried a few JRPGs and hated them. And we won’t mention the now defunct Wizardy Online now shall we?

But Archeage requires the Glyph launcher, and on that popped up the entry for Rift, which went free to play some time back. So I set the downloader to stun download and logged in.

First surprise. All my characters were still there. I have a few email accounts, and by chance had created Archeage on the same one I used for Rift. I also wondered if they had been removed, which while not likely, does happen from time to time these days.

Second surprise. It was something like 1300 days since I had last logged in. Man! Time moves quickly, doesn’t it? I didn’t realise Rift was that old, it seems like it was just a year or so since I played.

Third surprise. I was still in the guild. The Casualties of War website no longer exists, and I don’t know if there are any other chapters out there, but the Casualties guild on Faeblight is still going. Not exactly strong, there’s only three active members (now) including me, but still… woo hoo. BTW, if you are a former Rift player and CoW, you should still be on the guild roster, log in and say hello.

So, in the four weeks since I logged back in I have been playing my Defiant Mage, Vroomfondel and have leveled here up from about 34 to 48. Almost ready to head into the newer Storm Legion (and Ember Isle) content, but still have to clean up the remainder of Shimmersand and Stillmoor before I do.

Previously, Vroom was Elementalist/Pyromancer/Chloroplast. Banging out big damage as quick as possible. I did a bit of research and decided on a new role: Ele/Chloro/Necro with the bulk of points in Ele, about 13 in Chloro, and 3 (so far) in the Necro. It works by sending in the tanking pet, then laying down a series of dots, and finally Volcano. I can usually take a mob out in one round, but if Volcano doesn’t finish off, then theres are couple of other DDs that I can use to do that. So far, it’s been a reasonably good build, and I’m impressed how not glass-cannonny my mage is.

And in the middle of all this, the Nightmare Tide expansion has launched.

I haven’t seen any of the NT content yet, that’s mostly post 60 stuff, but I have been playing the Minions mini-game. It’s a card deck based game where you get a bunch of minion cards, select some adventure cards and then pick a minion to go on the adventure. The better the minion does, the better the reward you get. Minions level up, I assume for better rewards, and you can buy new minion cards and extra adventure slots, and get new minions as rewards (though I haven’t seen that yet.)

Strangely enough, for such a passive addition to Rift, the Minions mini-game is very addictive.

Anyway, I’m remembering how much fun I had in Rift previously. It really is a very good MMORPG.