Diablo is Dead

I killed him, and his little friends too…

It was shorter than I remember previously, I reckon I got through the game on normal in about 25 hours, whereas Diablo 2 took me closer to 50 if I recall correctly. Maybe I’m just better at this type of gameplay these days.

I died a few times on the way to heaven. Twice when the client switched out when another process started up, and a couple of other times when I wasn’t paying attention. Any other game the client would have paused when it lost focus, unfortunately Blizzards decision to do this online only, never pause, MMO version of Diablo has its drawbacks.

Other than disconnecting from the servers when I left it idle too long, the only other technical issue was when I was initially downloading the client. The download killed my router a number of times which required a off/on restart. Apparently this is a know issue, but usually when the game is running. I had no problems there. Oh, but I did have problems buying the game online, Blizzard kept rejecting my credit card (and was charging 79 Aussie dollars) I ended up going into a store and buying it for $59.

As I said the game felt shorter, especially the last act. I remember hell in D2 being very large, much larger than heaven in D3. I guess that’s because hell needs more space for residents than heaven does.

The graphics were fine, very nice and atmospheric in fact. I don’t know what the fuss about it being too colorful back in the day was about.

I didn’t use any auction house facilities, gold or real money, I decided to be stubborn about this. I hated the idea when it was announced, and still do. I’ve come to the conclusion that auction houses of any kind destroy games, WoW included. But that’s another post.

There were some incongruities with the difficulty of various bosses. Killing the spider lady Cydaea in Act III was orders of magnitude harder than the next boss, Azmodan who was a complete walkover. The boss fights seemed to be escalating and I was expecting a tough battle, I was a little disappointed there.

The voice acting was excellent. I recognized Claudia Black as soon as Cydaea spoke, I love her in game roles, always comes across brilliantly.

I also liked the story overall and how it tied together with Diablo 2. This is a spoiler free zone though. 🙂

Overall, I’d say it was worth the $59. At $2.36 an hour it’s not bad value.

Will I play it again at a higher difficulty? Maybe. I tend to play games through once for the story, but I’m not into repetition that much. I might leave it for a while and come back to it.


  1. xXJayeDuBXx

    I loved Diablo II, but I think Diablo III was an amazing game. I’ve never understood the angst against the game honestly. Yes the mmo login server stuff and it’s subsequent crashing was annoying, but the game itself is great. It just seems gamers are not happy theses days.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed D3, but I also understand the angst and criticism the game has received.

    It’s unfortunate, but the game was designed around players depending on and using the AH, in particular the real money AH. The biggest criticism I’ve seen is the rarity of set piece drops and this does go to the mindset behind the games design which is simply to get players to spend money.

    More than anything else I think this generates the angst against the game, and as you say some gamers aren’t happy with anything these days.

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