Darkfall Media Alert

As Wilhelm over at TAGN noted, Aventurine this morning sent out a press release regarding Darkfall: Unholy Wars. For interests sake I thought I might post it here.

Media Alert

Aventurine S.A. invites you to Explore the World of Agon!

Athens, 01-28-2013 – Aventurine S.A. has posted the newest in the series of introductory videos for Darkfall Unholy Wars, a fantasy MMORPG with epic PvP battles. This new developer’s diary video, “The World of Agon”, showcases the environment that sets the stage for Darkfall Unholy Wars epic battles. Each corner and land of Agon is a unique locale, teeming with its own unique residents, legendary monsters and rich, personal climate.

 Please follow the link below to watch “The World of Agon Developers Diary”:


 Darkfall Unholy Wars is available for pre-order through our official website for the price of 14.95 if you are a Darkfall Online returning player or 29.95 (25% off) if you are new to this game. Players who pre-order take advantage of some great benefits: the ability to participate in the closed beta, 30 days of game time when Darkfall Unholy Wars is officially released and the right to reserve their character name. Please visit this link: amd.darkfallonline.com/AMS/ for more details.

 Darkfall Unholy Wars is a MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Agon. For more information and press assets for Darkfall Unholy Wars, please visit www.darkfallonline.com. You can also find us on www.facebook.com/darkfalluw for the latest news, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/darkfallmmorpg or subscribe on our YouTube channel to watch all the videos of Darkfall Unholy Wars.

You might remember that the original release of Darkfall was done in quite an unusual way. In order to minimise the impact of a huge rush on the servers, players were effectively let in a few at a time. For some eager to play, waiting days for a single slot to open up was quite frustrating, but it did have the effect of making the game scarcer and increasing interest. I’m not sure if that will happen this time, I haven’t heard one way or another, but I suspect they have the servers capable of a big rush this time.

Are you planning on playing Darkfall this time around?