Planetside 2

Since Planetside 2 was released today I thought I might download it and have a look.

Honestly, not impressed.

First I had to unplug my controller simply to get the game to start. It appears that on Windows 8 if a controller is plugged in, when you launch the game it waits a couple of seconds and up pops a dialog saying Planetside2.exe stopped working.

Okay, that’s not so bad, unless you prefer the controller. After all Win8 hasn’t been out long and there are bound to be some issues between that and any new releases.

But the worst thing about this game. The UI is an absolute mess.

Every user interface element just shows ##UI.element_name. The logout is ##UI.logout. It’s like the devs couldn’t be bothered to replace the placeholders.

User interface elements were also completely unpopulated. I got a list of servers for example, but it only showed the capacity, full, medium, or low. I didn’t even get a list of server names. I just selected the first server in the list, no idea what it was called.

Creating a character was interesting since I had no idea which faction I was joining. A side note here, Planetside 2 has very limited character creation just 4 racial types, Caucasion, African, Asian, and Hispanic. One face for each. And of course 2 genders.

Then I was dropped into battle. Okay, so I knew that from other posts I’ve read, but it would be nice to have some instructions first. I tried to bring up the options menu, but it took several tried with ESC to even get something to show up. And once it did a lot of the tags meant very little and lots of data was missing.

When I did start shooting. I didn’t really know who I was shooting at. I think it was the enemy factions since they had different color indicators. I was the purple faction, so I shot at the blue ones.

I did get a lot of lag. A lot more than a low population server should have, but to be fair that might be my PC and not the game. In any case it wasn’t enjoyable. It was hard to aim with the reticle overshooting.

I only ended up playing for a little bit since it was getting late in the evening. Still, after only a few minutes in the game there’s only one conclusion. Planetside 2 is half-baked. From what I experienced the game isn’t anywhere near ready for release.

I reckon I’ll wait until they fix the issues before I go back and try again. Especially with limited time these days I need to make my gaming time count.

Just glad I didn’t have to pay for it.


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  1. Yetian

    I haven’t experienced any UI issues since release or in beta though I have heard others having problems.

    Last night I logged into the full game for the first time and I did get a lot of lag on Miller (a full server), though this stopped after a restart.

    The odd thing is in beta there were 0 issues, maybe they just can’t handle the increased users across the system rather than just per server? No idea, will see if it gets sorted.

    If you swapped beta and release around it would be perfect. 😉

    Oh and the not knowing who to shoot thing is just shoot anyone that doesn’t appear with a name over them. 😉 Basically if your the purple Vanu, shoot the blue/yellow and red/black guys.

  2. MMORaid

    The lag must of been your connection, I was on a very-high populated server last night with very little lag. Not the best frame-rate, but I was honestly shocked with how well it was running with the amount of ppl playing.

    I agree there should be some tutorial to teach you the basics. I died 5 seconds into my first deployment and it took me a few more deaths to figure out where I was and who to shoot at.

    I wouldn’t call it a half-baked launch, aside from the missing intro tutorial, everything else is there. I had a real hard time logging out last night I was having so much fun.

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