What’s Up With Part Two of Starcraft 2?

Back when Blizzard announced that Starcraft 2 was to be made into three separate games because there was too much story for one game, they made the promise that each ‘part’ would be released one year apart.

Since Starcraft 2 was released in July 2010, doesn’t that mean we should be seeing the third and final installment about now?

Even with Blizzards penchant with the when it’s done philosophy we should have part two by now, and be eagerly awaiting the Protoss game, perhaps even have a date for it.

Is Starcraft 2 taking the path of Duke Nukem Forever?

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  1. Sara Pickell


    I think what happened was they underestimated the impact that multiplayer would have. Sure they could spend a year or so working out those new story missions and call it good, but the new units have to all be balanced to a level that can be used for international professional competitions. And any time one of those units gets sent back to the drawing board so do any missions that depend on it. =(

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    I didn’t do any multiplayer with SC2, but I thought that all the units terran, protoss, and zerg were available at the original release for multiplayer and that the extra year was simply for the campaigns and additional maps.

    In that case I would have expected minimal tweaking for balance, and perhaps some new units at each release. That shouldn’t take two years. We’re coming up to 2.5 years since SC2 part i.

    That’s almost enough time to release a completely new game.

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