Hosting Changes

After 6 years with Site 5, I have just moved Stropp’s World to a new host.

For reference, I was not unhappy with Site 5, I just needed to consolidate hosts. I’m using Hostgator for my business site as well as hosting some client sites and having just received the new S5 bill I decided to save a few quid.

For the most part the transfer was a pretty simple process and took just a few steps.

  1. Use WordPress Tools->Export to export the entire database as an XML file.
  2. Use FileZilla (or your favorite FTP program) to download the wp-content folder in your WordPress install to your computer.
  3. On the new host install WordPress. You might have to do this after step 4, I was able to install on Hostgator prior to changing the DNS. This meant I was able copy the wp-content folder at this point.
  4. Change your DNS settings. This is done through your domain name provider. You might need to wait up to 24 hours, in practice it’s usually takes a lot less time than that.
  5. Import the data. Copy the wp-content folder into the new installation. Use WordPress Tools->Import to load the data you previously exported.
  6. Then do housekeeping (activating plugins) and fix up what wasn’t imported properly (some settings didn’t come through).

In my case everything was pretty smooth. The whole process only took an hour and a half, including waiting for the DNS changes to propagate. The only thing that didn’t work was that the links didn’t come over for some reason. Pretty odd, if the posts and everything else transferred, why not the links. So now I have to work out a new blogroll. If you were on my favorites, and obviously are now not, drop me a line using the contact form and let me know. I’ll get you back on.

Now for a favor, if something doesn’t look, feel, or work properly please let me know.