A Bit Of Fiddling

Apologies for the double entendre, well perhaps not, but I’ve just done a bit of fiddling with the blog.

I’ve been somewhat disatisfied with the theme for a while now, but haven’t had the time or inclination to do anything.

Today was a bit of a quiet day so I wrote a blog post. After I posted I decided to clean up some of the categories, I had too many and some that would never be used again, so I deleted most of them with the posts going into the general category. I’ve been using tags mostly anyway to categorize my posts so I got into the theme added a tag cloud to the bottom, and then one thing led to another, hacking and slashing and moving things about.

Barring a completely new theme, which isn’t off the table but is sometime in the future, I’ve hopefully got a much cleaner theme now.

I still have to recategorize and tag a whole lot of posts, but that’s something I can do later, possibly a couple of years from now.

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