NBI: Tha Tha That’s All Folks!

I have to admit, when Syp approached me a few weeks ago about doing the New Blogger Initiative I was a little skeptical. Jaded blogger syndrome perhaps. While I felt his initiative was worth it, I wondered what sort of response he’d get.

Heh. As usual no need to worry.

The NBI has been an outstanding success. Syp has posted his NBI Wrapup, and the results are astounding. Over 70 established bloggers wrote articles to help new bloggers get started. And in what was the point of this whole exercise, a phenomenal number of new blogs were born.

Now my concern is how to fit all this new reading material into my feed reader (and get through it each day!)

Here is the list, copied from Syps post.

New blogs to check out:

Sponsor advice posts:

And don’t forget, if you have some advice for new bloggers, or are a little late to the party in starting your blog, the forums are still open (at least I assume they’ll stay open) for you to share advice or to get yourself up to speed.

Happy blogging.

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