Star Wars The Old Republic: Quick Thought

While I was writing the last post, What Is Bioware Doing Wrong? A thought came to mind that didn’t fit in that post.

Having the Star Wars IP to develop a game is pretty much a free pass to a million or more box sales.

So why, with your development, go where every man has gone before? (I know, Star Trek reference doesn’t mix with Star Wars!)

Bioware could have done anything with The Old Republic. They could have made it a full sandbox with no quests, and sold two million boxes. So why did they stick with the themepark model that has been copping so much negativity over the last few years?

Bioware is, has been, a highly creative game developer. It’s a pity they didn’t use that creativity on more than just the class stories. Unless they completely botched it, they would have been successful.


  1. John

    Because LucasArts calls all of the shots and Lucasarts thinks that World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO out there. Also, they see SWG as a failure and didn’t want to mimic the sandbox idea again.

  2. AFK

    John is right. Also, Bioware had to pay a huge sum to LucasArts just to use the IP, and then a large percentage of what they make in revenue. Those points, combined with the mega budget this game had meant that they needed to be sure they would sell a ton of boxes to be profitable. I guess they figured with so much money at stake, it wasn’t the right time to risk anything.

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    I agree. The reason for going with the Themepark model is simply the pressure of economics. The cost to produce the game, along with the control imposed by Lucas, dictated that Bioware follow the path most likely to success.

    It’s unfortunate for Bioware that the path chosen is starting to look a little rickety.

    My post was more a rhetorical lament than a serious question, I’d have loved Bioware to have used the advantage give by the Star Wars IP to have tried something a little more out of the box, even the hybrid model I suggested in this mornings post:

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