EA: Lying Liers Who Lie

I’m a big fan of indie games.

For one thing they tend to be fairly inexpensive. An indie game usually costs less than 24USD instead of the 60+USD of big publisher AAA games. Indie game developers are free to experiment with their games. Of course they need to put food on the table, but they’re not driven by the marketing department and the need to keep shareholders happy. (Unless the spouse is considered a shareholder.)

But most of all, many indie games are fun games to play.

So yesterday when I read that Electronic Arts is releasing their own indie bundle my first thought was WTF!

Obviously some marketing droid realised that the humble indie bundles were highly successful and figured why not grab a piece of that pie.

Folks, EA is not an indie company and has no right to co-opt the term indie to push their own marketing agenda.


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  1. Paeroka

    I was wondering about that as well. Is EA the publisher but the developers are at least indie? Though… that wouldn’t make much sense either now that I think about it. *scratches head*

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    I think that the developers aren’t owned by EA. I don’t know how much funding or direction they get from EA, or whether their games are published by EA.

    Again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense if EA has no influence/control/ownership in the games in the bundle, for them to be promoting them as EA products.

    BTW, one thing I should mention that I didn’t before. The games on offer are pretty good by all accounts.

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