Newbie Blogger? Show Some Initiative

I get it. You’ve been telling yourself you want to write a blog for a while now.

You love games. You might play a bunch, or maybe you’re focussed on one game in particular. Every time you play something happens that you’d like to write about. You may have a collection of several billion screenshots that you’d like to show the world. Maybe you just want to talk about games in general, or even vent your frustrations at the state of gaming today.

You may have no idea where to start. Or perhaps you’re just procrastinating, waiting until you have time. (Here’s a tip. You’ll never have enough time to start blogging. You may as well just dive in.)

Wait. What’s that, in the sky? Faster than a speeding bullet?

No, it’s not Superman. It’s the Newbie Blogger Initiative.

A few weeks ago, Syp of Biobreak and Massively got in touch with a number of game bloggers and asked us if we would be prepared to help out with encouraging aspiring bloggers to take the plunge and start their own blogs. Thus the Newbie Blogger Initiative was born.

Here’s the rules.

The NBI is essentially a blog carnival. A bunch of bloggers who have been writing for some time will post articles with advice about MMO blogging during the month of May. This advice might be about getting started, or it could be about running the good race with your blog. At the end of the month, all of the articles from contributing bloggers will be collected, and each blog will post these links. Oh, and the NBI forums will also be used to link to these posts, along with being a place where you can ask questions about MMORPG and game blogging and get some answers.

If you are considering starting a blog, this is a great opportunity for you. It can be hard work building a popular blog, especially in the early days. (It can be very discouraging to check your stats and see only 1 or 2 visits that week.) The Newbie Blogger Initiative will help you get some early exposure, and get people reading your blog. That, more than anything else will help you keep going.

(BTW, just a little bit of pre-advice. Work out what you want from your blog before you do anything. Even choosing your blogging platform dictates the direction your blog can take, for example if you want to have any advertisements or commercial links, the free WordPress platform is out. If you want complete control over your blog, then you probably want to self-host. I’ll go into this more in my advice article, coming later.)

So give it a go. Head over the NBI forum and check out the advice articles. As the title of this post says, show some initiative and create your blog.

When you create your blog, and write your first post, be sure to let me know by using the Stropp’s World contact form. I’ll make sure to create a post with links to your blogs.

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