QOTD: Anti-PK Corps In Eve Online

When I played Asheron’s Call, there was a server called Darktide. It was an unrestricted server with Free For All PvP as its main drawcard. As to be expected, this meant that anyone playing on Darktide was a target of the Player Killer (PK) especially those players new to the server. Lot’s of these players got together and formed guilds on that server wholly devoted to ganking anyone that crossed paths with them.

The there were the players who liked PvP but were opposed to the wholesale slaughter wrought by the PKer. Like the PKers, these got together and formed the Anti-PK guilds that didn’t go seeking out the weak and alone to gank, but set out to help them by protecting them from the PKers, and actively fighting against the PK guilds.

Asheron’s Call wasn’t alone in this. Ultima Online also had players who banded together to oppose PK players.

I have a question for you. I hear a lot about the corporations and alliances in Eve Online that engage in PK activities where it’s encouraged to go out and gank all and sundry. Each year (or few months) the Hulkageddon event takes place where players vie for prizes for high-sec ganking of unarmed/undefended commercial spacecraft like the Hulk. The Goonswarm alliance is about to set Jita on fire, which means that lots of highsec non-PvPer players are going to get burned.

There seems to be lots of FFA PvP in Eve focussed on ganking.

But I hear very little about the player corporations that are set up to oppose that sort of behaviour.

Can you tell me. Are there Anti-PK corps in Eve Online?

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  1. Wilhelm Arcturus

    Corps or loose alliances form every time there is some sort of event like Hulkageddon. Last time around there was even opposing event with a kill board to count the gankers you killed.

    The problem is CONCORD, the NPC police enforcers.

    They come in and blow up the gankers ship pretty quickly, so there isn’t much for an anti-gank corp to do. They cannot attack first in high sec, because CONCORD will just kill them. So there is a very narrow window of time during which they can get a shot in before the ganker is dead anyway. So it doesn’t seem like a reasonable use of time.

    If it is just one corp or alliance that is doing the event, you can declare war on that group if you have an anti-gank corp. But declaring war on corps is a bigger griefing tool than all the Hulkageddons combined, so you start war dec’ing and you pretty quickly look like a griefer as well. Besides which, Hulkageddon will be all sorts of individuals and corps, and while you could, theoretically war dec them all, you won’t.

    In the end, the game ganks the ganker in high sec space, so what can an anti-gank corp do? I suppose they could sit around running logistics (healing) modules on miners. That would be fun.

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  4. Stropp (Post author)

    Thanks Wilhelm, that does make sense. How about low or null sec though? Are there Anti-PK groups in these regions dedicated to making them safer for these players.

  5. Sara Pickell

    Down in Null sec there are two kinds of alliances, NBSI and NRDS.

    NBSI is the usual kind of corp, Not Blue(ally) Shoot It. NRDS Not Red(active enemy) Don’t Shoot. The anti-gankers as it were set themselves up as NRDS but don’t really have tons of time to spend on the anti-ganking side of things. Setting up in naught dot naught puts you in a very intense situation where you have enemies on all sides actively vying for your lands and any number of alliances from unknown space that may be looking to muscle into your space for a piece of action. With the low amount of civilian traffic to boot, the political situation soon outweighs any concerns of piracy and ganking.

    Defense in space, on the scale of gank squads, is simply an infinitely harder problem in EVE than offense. And playing defense for people you don’t already have a means of communication with is the hardest of all. Which isn’t to say nobody does it… They just haven’t ever made enough of a difference for anyone to actually rely on them.

    Honestly, there are a myriad of issues that come into play around the rules that were put in place to prevent ganking that make things much harder for people like anti-gankers or even just peaceful corps. But it would be hard to explain them all. You’d really need a few months in a high sec or low sec corp to really understand how they all work and why they all fit together the way they do.

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