Bioware, Mass Effect 3, and Artistic Integrity

Despite not having bought or played Mass Effect 3 yet, it’s hard to have missed the ruckus about how the Mass Effect series has ended.

Lot’s of players have expressed displeasure at how the story ends, some demanding that Bioware change the ending to suit them. I think I even read that someone has initiated a lawsuit against the devs. (I might be mistaken there, people these days sue over so many trivial things it’s hard to keep them all straight.)

It looks like Bioware is caving to these demands, albeit in a way that doesn’t compromise their artistic vision.

But doesn’t considering changing the ending in the first place mean the compromise has already happened?

The crazy thing is how much of an issue this has become.

Books, movies, music all have examples where the story ends weakly, or the band tries something new that the fans don’t care for. But how often do you see the level of entitlement that we see from the game community demanding that the artists change their or face lawsuits?

It may be that Bioware have produced an unsatisfactory ending to the Mass Effect 3 series, but if they as the artists behind the series believe in their art then they shouldn’t change it because some don’t like the way the story ends.

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