Will Anyone Ever Fully Train Up In Eve?

I had a moment of time wasting this afternoon and followed a link regarding Eve Online’s proposed changes to the way that ship skills work. Some of the concerns that Eve players had is that they won’t be able to fly ships that they had trained for. The devs reassured that this wouldn’t happen, and that the old skills would somehow translate over to the new setup.

That got me thinking about skills and training times. So I loaded up EveMon and spent some time with their planner creating a plan that trained each and every skill up to it’s maximum level of 5.

Considering that I’ve already trained up to 5,674,000 points on 128 skills on this character, I would need to spend 28,793,985,000 ISK on 367 unique skills (some of which I already know) for a whopping 9343 days, 5 hours and 18 minutes to train them all to level 5.

That’s 25.6 years of training time!

Considering Eve Online has only been out for around 8 years (since 2004 I think) then even the most dedicated and anal player would still need around 17 years to train it all.

This also assumes that the devs don’t add any new skills or alter (lengthen) any training times.

I wonder if Eve will even be around at then, no MMORPG is even close to that age yet.


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  1. Sara Pickell

    I don’t think anyone ever will, and I’m kind of glad of it. Everyone is pushed to really specialize and do their best at one particular thing this way.

  2. Victor Stillwater

    There’s only one skill I want to really master in EVE, and that’s the Social Skill.

    I’m already level V and I still can’t get people to laugh at my jokes. Why GOD?! WHY?!

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    @Victor — I think you’ve been training the wrong skill. Try training the “Funny” or “Standup” skills. But I hear they have a long training time! ;-p

    @Sara — Agreed, that’s the big advantage of the type of skill system that CCP has implemented, over the limited range of class/talent skills we see in other games. Even the most dedicated player has to specialise in the skills they want to use.

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