Star Wars Galaxies: Gone, Or Is It?

Star Wars Galaxies is having, or perhaps has had by this time, its last hurrah.

The servers are shutting down for good, any final in-game events have taken place, and the last players are now out in the cold after turning out the lights.

What to do now?

While many former Galaxies players will be heading for the warmer climes of Star Wars The Old Republic, there is perhaps another option for the SWG die hard… The emulator.

SWGEmu is a project that has been in development since the CU (combat upgrade) happened to SWG. It attempts to recreate the pre-CU experience for those players that hated the changes, and from what I understand there are several servers operating that allow players to use their game client to connect to the emulated servers.

The interesting thing about this is that often an emulator project isn’t started until a game is closing. It then takes years before former players can step back into the game world. Because of the CU, there is an emulator available for SWG immediately.

I find myself wondering if there will be a big influx of players to the SWGEmu servers at this time, or if SWTOR will soak them up.

I’d like your input here. Are you a SWG player? Now that Galaxies has closed are you considering an emulated server, or have you already?