Ahh Bobby, You’ve Done It Again!

Question: What is Activision CEO Bobby Koticks favorite WoW Race?

Answer: Troll.

As SWTOR is rushing headlong to release, Bobby (I keep typing the name as Booby for some reason, must be freudian) Kotick has commented that he doesn’t think that EA will get much out of Star Wars The Old Republic. Apparently he reckons that Lucas makes sure all these deals come out heavily in his favor.

Well, duh.

Of course Lucas writes deals in his favor. He has one of the biggest IPs in history. He can.

But that doesn’t mean that EA gets nothing from this. They’re big too (are they still the biggest game publisher?) and have some negotiation skills available to them.

Will Bobby’s commentary make the slightest bit of difference to the horde of hungry players eagerly waiting for the 20th of December?

If the Full indicators on the dozens of SWTOR test servers on the weekend are any indication. Not a jot.

With WoW showing some signs of being on the wane, a game like SWTOR that has the potential to grab another couple million WoW subscribers (whether it can hold on to them is another matter) must have Kotick worried. Then there is the Secret World next year, also eagerly anticipated, that could do some damage.

So hence the trolling by Activisions CEO.

Ahh Booby, you’ve done it again!

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  1. Bolder63

    The Board of Directors needs to put a muzzle on “the Tick” just when you think he can’t make a bigger ass of himself he does. Good thing the products made stand up despite the CEO.

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