Even though I was kind of expecting it, a little surprise was waiting in my inbox this morning. It was an invitation to participate in a SWTOR test weekend, of as yet undetermined date.

I was in two minds as to whether I’d bother with it to be honest.

The decision by EA-Bioware to restrict the launch regions means that I won’t be able to play at launch, and the rumors (I know I know) suggest that it may not be until at least February, and maybe closer to April, before the so-called red zones open go green.

As I’ve said before, I have more interest in TSW that SWTOR. If Bioware delays the release too much I’ll probably skip Star Wars completely and join a secret society, and come back to SWTOR in maybe six or twelve months.

So I’ve decided to do the test, the downloader is patching as I type this. I figure it may be the only real chance to get a play of this game anytime soon.