CCP Layoffs

The CCP layoffs have gathered a bunch of commentary over the last few days.

Tobold suggests that this means the company is in trouble, and that they will be gone within the next couple of years.

Others think that CCP isn’t in strife at all.

The truth, very likely, falls between these two extremes. I doubt that CCP will fold. In fact I think this is highly unlikely, but of course I am not privy to any of the company financial records, and don’t know for sure.

The facts though are that CCP has layed off a large number of people in its US office. They have cut back on development of the White Wolf property. They are also experiencing a downturn in subscriptions, possibly due in part to some poor customer relations decisions and by not focussing on what makes their core product great.

So yeah. It’s likely they’re not doing so well financially.

Their demise (and the demise of any company) depends on how early they deal with the financial issues. If CCP have acted early, and it appears they have, then they are likely to weather the financial problems they are facing. That’s why I think CCP and Eve will still be flying in 2013 and beyond.

It’s horrible for the staff being fired, and no-one wishes that on anyone especially at this time of year, but the worst thing a company can do (sometimes) is to not make the hard and horrible decisions early. No employer wants to let go of 200 people, but closing down the livilihood of 800 to 1000 is even worse.

Still, that is no consolation to those who now have to find a job in a tough economy.