Fallen Earth: Back To The Apocalypse

It wasn’t exactly an auspicious return to Fallen Earth.

Now that Fallen Earth has gone free to play, I figured it might be a good time to see what has changed and how the game was handling the whole going free thing.

After spending a while patching the game to the latest version, I logged in and created a new character, and was immediately popped into the tutorial. So far so good. I did the tutorial missions without any problems, and then was given the option of choosing the starter town. This is where things fell apart. I dropped from the game, and then upon logging in found myself stuck at the character select.

It turns out that the servers couldn’t handle the huge number of players coming back to the game, or the new people attracted by the change to F2P. The devs did some quick magic to lower the number of players allowed in, and that got the servers back up an hour or so later.

The next problem I had was that once logged in, I couldn’t get out of the town chooser area. The first time this happened, a GM ported a bunch of us out to the towns we wanted. In my case that port worked, but I couldn’t get any quests. Turns out that some new characters were bugged, and needed to be deleted and recreated. I ended doing this twice until I got a playable character.

The other odd thing that the stuck players reported was a game dropout that put them in a long canyon. This happened a couple of times to me too.

I did finally later in the evening manage to login and start playing. I also spent a few hours today playing an old character. I’m looking forward to spending time in Fallen Earth again.

Still, it seems the change to free to play isn’t quite as straight-forward as the devs would have hoped.

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  1. Bede

    Yah, it’s been a tough week in the Apocalypse. But the Fallen Earth community team and the FE development team and the G1 IT team have burned the candles from both ends to keep the world moving along.

    That said the population levels in the towns are rising, as well as the number of clones venturing into the world. The world still has all its old magic, it’s a place you can visit for adventuring, exploring, combat, harvesting and crafting over and over again and still be amused, amazed and occasionally awed. I have been running around the Grand Canyon Province for over two years and still have not exhausted the possibilities.



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